Company Presentation
Owner and consultant, Mr. Åke Weyler. For information regarding his person, we refer to
Curriculum Vitæ – Åke Weyler

Weyler Consulting & Information, established in 1997, has until 2005 chiefly been involved with the development agency Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), directly or indirectly. Activities include lecturing to exporters in South Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Estonia, Lithuania and the Ukraine on EU trade policies and on the North European textile and clothing markets in general.

The present phase in the development of the company began in January 2006, the backbone of the activities being consulting services to Textilimportörerna (Swedish Textile Importers Association) regarding EU trade policies affecting textile-, clothing- and shoe importers, environmental issues as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR).
The work for Textilimportörerna includes lobbying for free trade.

Åke Weyler’s many years with the Federation of Swedish Trade and the present engagement with Textilimportörerna will explain the company slogan.

Since June 2006, Åke Weyler is a contributing editor to the monthly magazine Textile Asia, Hong Kong.

The company cooperates with other consultants, if need be, in order to offer a wider range of services related to trade and development.

The tasks of Weyler Consulting & Information include:
Trade policy
Development for trade, related to developing countries
Water issues related to industry in developing countries
Assistance in trade policy and related matters for developing countries
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Educational activities related to CSR
Contemporary Political, Economical, Social and Environmental studies for companies and organizations
Lobbying and influencing public opinion
Leading of debates
Organizing conferences
Leading conferences

Weyler Consulting & Information serves a variety of companies and organizations.