Curriculum Vitæ - Åke Weyler                           Svenska
Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1950-06-10
High School 1966 - 1969

Military Service 1970 - 1971
Military Rank – Second lieutenant

University studies 1971 – 1975, Linköpings Universitet, Sweden
Bachelor of Arts 1975 – History, Political Science, Macro Economics

Previous positions
Federation of Swedish Trade
Assistant secretary 1977 - 1981
Secretary General, Director 1982 - 1992

During 1982-1992, manager of the secretariat of the Federation of Swedish Trade with responsibility for the following branch associations:
- Textile Importers Association in Sweden
- Textile Suppliers Association
- Shoe Suppliers Association
- Association of Swedish Wholesalers of Automotive Parts and Accessories
- Garage Equipment Suppliers Association
- Automotive Chemicals Suppliers Association
- Baby- and Children’s Items Suppliers Association
- Member of Beklädnadsrådet inom Överstyrelsen för Civil Beredskap (ÖCB)
(the Clothing Council of the National Board for Civilian Preparedness)

Latest employment 1992 - 2005
Managing Director, Shoe & Textile Retailers Service AB, responsible for the management of the following branch associations:
- STIL, Swedish Shoe-, Textile- and Clothing Retailers Association, founded in 1997 through a merger of the Swedish Federation of Textile- and Clothing Retailers Association and the Swedish Shoe Retailers Association.
- Textile Importers Association in Sweden

- Chairman of the Swedish Fashion Council 1998-2002
- Chairman of the Swedish Shoe Council 1995-2002

Member of EuroCommerce, Brussels, International Trade Committee for European Association of National Organisations of Textile Retailers, AEDT 1993 - 2005.

Member of the board of Foreign Trade Association, FTA, Brussels, since 1997.

Textil & Läderlaboratoriet, Stockholm AB (The Textile & Leather Laboratory, a private limited company in Stockholm). Chairman of the board since 2001.

Member of the reference group on WTO negotiations/Swedish trade policy at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2002.

Member of the consultative forum at the Asia and Pacific department of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2003.

Association membership
The Royal Swedish – Hong Kong Society. Member of the board 1984-2009. Vice Chairman 1989-2008. Honorary member 2009.
Vintjärn community for roads and water supply. Chairman since 2007.

Married to Monica Löfvander, general practitioner, MD, Associate Professor.
Our children: Axel (1976), Elin (1979) and Erik (1986).